A to Z
Accessiblenes Policy (Word Document)
Agile Working Toolkit (PDF Document)
Annual Leave Record 2018 19 (PDF Document)
Attendance at Conferences Policy (Word Document)
Central Offices Taxi Policy (Word Document)
Combined Consent Form (PDF Document)
Dignity at Work (PDF Document)
Disability Policy (PDF Document)
DSE Assessment Process Flowchart (Word Document)
Embracing Equality, Diversity and Human Rights in NES (PDF Document)
Excess Hours Form Additional Hours Overtime Unsocial Hours (PDF Document)
Eye Test Form (Word Document)
Fixed Public Holidays 2018 19 (PDF Document)
Fixed Term Contract Mid Review Discussion (Word Document)
Flexible Working Policy (PDF Document)
Fraud Action Plan (Word Document)
Gender Based Violence Policy (PDF Document)
Governance of GPST (PDF Document)
GP Returners Policy (Word Document)
Hazard Reporting (Word Document)
Homeworking Policy (PDF Document)
Hospitality Policy (PDF Document)
HSMP 06 Quarterly Workplace Inspection Form (Word Document)
HSP 08 Appendix 4 PEEPs (Word Document)
HSP13 Appendix 2 Generic Assessment (Word Document)
HSP15 NEM Appendix (Word Document)
HSP15 NewandExpectantMothers Risk Assessment (Word Document)
HSP15NewandExpectantMothers (Word Document)
ICAS Line Managers Referral Form (PDF Document)
ICAS Line Managers Referral Guidance (PDF Document)
Induction Policy (PDF Document)
Information Governance Policy (Word Document)
Learning Development Policy (PDF Document)
Leased Car Policy (Word Document)
Management of Employee Capability (PDF Document)
Management of Employee Conduct Policy (PDF Document)
Managing Sickness Absence (PDF Document)
Manual Expenses Claim Form HDM (Excel Spreadsheet Document)
Maternity, Paternity, Adoption, Shared Parental Leave Policy (Word Document)
Media Communication Protocol (Word Document)
Memorandum of Understanding (PDF Document)
National Taxi Policy (Word Document)
NES Corp Info Sec Policy (PDF Document)
Nes Counter Fraud Policy (Word Document)
NES Event Evalution Protocol (PDF Document)
NES Grievance Policy and Procedures (PDF Document)
NES Risk Management Strategy (PDF Document)
Nes Staff Pandemic Flu Emergency Plan (PDF Document)
NES User Info Sec Policy (PDF Document)
Occupational Health and Wellbeing Policy (Word Document)
Organisational Change Policy inc Redeployment (PDF Document)
Overtime and Unsocial Hours Guidelines (PDF Document)
Parental Leave Application Form (Word Document)
Parental Leave Policy (PDF Document)
parental leave application form may 2016 (Word Document)
parental leave application form may 2016 (Word Document)
Parliamentary and Ministerial Correspondence Protocol (Word Document)
Paternity Leave Form (Word Document)
Policy and Good Practice Guidance for the Use of Social Media (Word Document)
Promotion of Non NES Training Education Events (PDF Document)
Promotion of Non NES Training Education Events Form (Word Document)
Protocol for Approvals for 24plus hour Events Overnight Accommodation and Charging for No Shows (Word Document)
Protocol for Inviting Scottish Government UK Government Ministers (Word Document)
Records Management Policy (PDF Document)
Recruitment and Selection Policy (PDF Document)
Redeployment Assessment Form (Word Document)
Redeployment Checklist (Word Document)
Redeployment Pro Forma (Word Document)
Rejection of Reasonable Redeployment Opportunities (Word Document)
Remote Working Devices Policy (Word Document)
Requesting a Copy (Word Document)
Retirement Policy (PDF Document)
Return to Work (RTW) (PDF Document)
Revised NES Intellectual Property Policy (PDF Document)
Risk Assessment Form (Word Document)
Sickness absence Form ()
Special Leave Form (Word Document)
Special Leave Policy (PDF Document)
Sponsorship Policy and Guidelines (Word Document)
Standards of Business Conduct (Word Document)
Standing Financial Instructions (Word Document)
The Management of Concerns Policy (Word Document)
Use of Fixed Term Contract Policy (PDF Document)
West Region 2 Central Quay Taxi Policy (Word Document)
Whistle Blowing Policy (PDF Document)
Workplace Review Form ()