Terms and conditions

During your employment with NHS Scotland, your terms and conditions of employment are determined by your pay grade and where you are on placement.

When in hospital placements, Specialty Trainees will be subject to the hospital terms and conditions. GPSTs in practice placements, will be subject to the practice terms and conditions. These terms can all be found through the following link http://www.msg.scot.nhs.uk/pay/medical/junior-doctors

Agenda for Change Public Health Specialty Trainees will follow the Agenda for Change terms and conditions of service http://www.msg.scot.nhs.uk/pay/agenda-for-change

On commencement of your training programme you will receive a copy of your contract(s) of employment. As you rotate through various placements, you will receive a Placement Detail letter from your employing board that will confirm any amendments to your contract in advance of the rotation.

To ensure we are able to communicate with you on your terms and conditions, it is important to ensure your postal and email addresses on Turas are kept up to date. Please remember to regularly check emails.

Further trainee information is also available on the Scotland Deanery site here.

What other conditions of training and employment do I need to be aware of?

During your training programme all medical trainees must remain GMC registered with a current license to practise at all times while holding a current Scotland Deanery National Training Number.

Doctors in Training must also have had a criminal record check via the Disclosure Scotland PVG scheme prior to starting in post. As the single service provider for PVG checks for medical trainees in NHS Scotland, NES is responsible for carrying out your criminal record check via the PVG scheme. NES must remain an interested party for you in the PVG scheme for the duration of your training.