Health and safety

It is the belief of NES’s senior management that the health, safety and wellbeing of GP Trainees is of paramount importance.

NES fully accepts that the effective management of health and safety is fundamental to enable us to minimise the impact of accidental loss on the organisation’s activities and will assist us to meet our budget targets and the quality and efficiency of our performance.

NES regards legal or statutory requirements as setting the minimum standard we must achieve and health and safety needs will be given equal status to other operational activities.

Our policies and health and safety management system will be appropriate to the nature and scale of the organisation’s health and safety risks.

It is NES’s intention to ensure the prevention of accidents and occupational ill health and where practicable eliminate hazards for both staff and others affected by our activities. NES will ensure that adequate information, instruction and supervision is provided so that GP Trainees can carry out their work safely and that all tasks are carried out by competent persons.


You can find the Health and Safety Policy Statement here.

As a GP Trainee and NES employee you are required to report all accidents and relevant incidents involving you as follows:

  1. GP PRACTICE - Entry to be made in the PRACTICE accident book(s) as per the PRACTICE procedures.
  2. A report is to be made on the NES Accident Management System (AMS) using this link.

(Once you register you will receive a username and password to allow you to submit the accident on the workrite log-in page).

This report of the accident/incident and its investigation should be made within 72 hours.

All work related accidents and illnesses should be reported (including road traffic accident).

This includes:

Incidents with injury, dangerous occurences, near misses, reportable diseases, work related incidents and work related illness.

The report should be sent to the NES Health, Safety and Environment Advisor. (This is actioned when an accident/incident is "confirmed" on the AMS).

The circular below advises of the extension of Injury Allowance Provisions to GP Specialty Registrars (GPSTR's) in Scotland.

PCS Circular - Injury Benefits Allowance Provisions for GPStRs

Incidents such as acts of aggression and violence should also be reported.

Any significant accident/incident should be reported immediately by telephone to the NES Health, Safety and Environment Advisor on 0786 737 3561. The GP trainee should not contact the HSE directly to report and accident/incident.

Local health and safety policies and arrangements for sites where ever GP Trainees operate should be available through local management.

NES’s health and safety procedures relevant to GP trainees are listed and available here.

Access to the Health and Safety Procedures

Should you require to access any particular procedure and are unable to do so through the above link, a request should be made through the Clinical Supervisors by raising a support ticket at

A copy of the NES Occupational Health and Wellbeing Policy is posted here (LINK)

Minutes and associated documentation from the quarterly NES Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee are posted here.

Local fire procedures for sites where GP Trainees operate should be found on the local health and safety noticeboard.

During your training programme the placement boards you work in will be covered by CNORIS. CNORIS provides a wide range of cover, similar to traditional insurance packages, for each of its members within the NHS in Scotland.

Further information, including how to submit a claim, can be found through the following link:

If you are a GP in a practice placement and require a DSE assessment, please read the guidance below before completing the self-assessment. If the assessment indicates that you require specialist assessment or new equipment, please upload the completed self-assessment form by raising a support ticket at


NES Workstation Guidance

NES Sitting in a Chair Guidance

DSE Self-Assessment

Below is a link to some general NHS guidance on what to do in the event of a needlestick injury occurring.

Local guidance may also be available in the Board where you are working on placement - please contact medical staffing in your placement Board to request this.