Mandatory training

At a Glance

  • Ensure your Trainee has 3 - 4 hours set aside during their first two days in practice to complete mandatory training modules

Further information on Mandatory Training

Trainees must complete online training in Health and Safety and Equality and Diversity.  At least two weeks prior to commencing GP Practice, Trainees are emailed login details to access the Skills for Health site to complete this mandatory training.  Both of these modules must be completed and we ask Trainees to complete them within the first two days in Practice.  Practice Managers/Educational Supervisors should ensure that time is set aside for this; each module should take roughly 1 -2 hours.

If you have not received an email you can login using the following:

Skills for Health website

Username:  email address given at registration

Password:  Welcome1

NES HR receive monthly reports on training completion rates, which are distributed to the regional Directors of Postgraduate GP Education at monthly meetings.  Failure to complete this mandatory training could result in the Trainee being called in to meet the relevant Director of Postgraduate GP Education.  There is also an option to withhold salary.

If your Trainee has not received their Skills for Health login information, please ask them to contact