Occupational Health Referrals

Occupational Health - Further information

Trainees will normally meet with the OHS to discuss their health, their work and any other factors which may be having an adverse impact on their health.  The OHS Physician may wish to contact the Trainee's GP and hospital Consultant for further information.  Employees can request to see these reports and request amendments under the Medical Records Act.

The purpose of the referral is normally for Educational Supervisors/Training Programme Directors to obtain advice on one or more of the following:

·  The reasons for sick leave and its likely duration

·  The impact of the workplace on the Employee

·  A Trainee's progress to recovery

·  The support that can be offered to enable a Trainee to return to work safely

·  Recommendations for ill health retirement

Under the NHS terms and conditions, Trainees are required to attend for a medical, if requested.  The OHS report is important to NES as it under-pins the provision of support and informs decisions which may need to be made concerning a Trainee's work options or continued employment.  Without this information, Training Programme Directors (in conjunction with HR) have to make decisions based on whatever information is otherwise available.  This may negate their ability to explore reasonable options for work and may lead to termination of contract on the grounds of capability.

Trainees can self refer to the Occupational Health Service on a confidential basis, whether or not they are on sick leave.

During the managing sickness absence process, the Educational Supervisor/Training Programme Director or Practice Manager should offer any assistance to the Trainees which may improve their attendance.

HR should be involved at an early stage of this process.