Expenses / Finance

During the General Practice rotation of your training programme, the following expenses are available according to  Circular PSC(GPR)2011/1

Trainees have the responsibility for claiming appropriately so please ensure you read all guidelines carefully.  All claims must be received by the 7th of the month to be included in that month's salary.

All Authorisers within a Practice are required to complete an Authorisers Claim Form, this will allow NES to confirm authorisation of trainee claim forms when received.

All expenses claims for GP Trainees in hospital must be checked and approved by the Placement Board. Once they have been authorised, the Placement Board will then forward the claim to NES for processing through payroll. Information regarding expense claims whilst in a hospital rotation can be found here

Please note that if claiming for any business mileage the guidelines below should be followed.

*The following guidelines are for Authorisers only

Not all GPSTs will need to use their own car for business purposes, when they do please remember the following points:


  • Once the requirement for the GPST to use their vehicle for business purposes has been identified the Authoriser must ensure that the GPST completes the CMV2 form.
  • The CMV2 form should be signed by the Authoriser once they have seen the GPSTs valid Driving licence, Valid MOT certificate (only applicable if the vehicle is over 3 years old) and a completed NES Management of Occupation Road Risk Self Assessment.
  • The CMV2 form should then be submitted to NHS Education for Scotland (NES) with a copy of the motor insurance certificate

*please note:

NES cannot reimburse any claim when the CMV 2 form or Motor Insurance Certificate have not been received

The insurance certificate must reflect that the GPST is covered to use the vehicle for business purposes and from a date prior to the first date claimed

Any claims submitted to NES for dates that are not covered by the insurance Certificate held will not be processed

Business Mileage Claim

  • The GPST should submit claims on a monthly basis
  • Any expenses claims over 3 months old will only be paid at the discretion of NES and a reason for the delay will be required
  • The claim should be completed electronically prior to printing off for authorisation
  • Home to base mileage is capped at 20 miles total per day, 10 miles each way
  • NES can only reimburse Home to Base Mileage on the days that the GPST has used their vehicle for business purposes
  • All claims for Home Visits must include a postcode for the home visit, any without this wll be returned
  • Any claims that are submitted without Claimant's signature or Authorisers signature will be returned, this could lead to a delay in payment of the claim

Further information regarding payroll and expenses can be found here.

To contact the NES payroll team please go to: https://nesdigital.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portals.

Please note that the first time you submit a query through this helpdesk you will need to self-register with JIRA using your NHS email address (personal email accounts should NOT be used).