GPST contract

NES will be your employing organisation as the Lead Employer for all GP Trainees on the Grampian GP Specialty Training Programme. You will therefore be employed by NES as the Employing Board for the duration of your GP Training programme as you rotate through placements within hospital and general practice settings.

a. The contract of employment for your hospital placements (“the Hospital Contract”);

When in hospital placements, your employment will be subject to the Hospital Contract and the Terms and Conditions of Service of Hospital Medical and Dental Staff and Doctors in Public Health Medicine and the Community Health Service (Scotland) as amended from time to time (“the Terms and Conditions of Service”). You will be provided with a new Placement Details letter in advance of each hospital placement which will confirm your place of work, working pattern and the banding of the rota.

b.  A model contract of employment, used in Scotland for General Practice placements used in Scotland (“the BMA Model Contract”).

When rotating into General Practice your employment will be subject to the terms and conditions, or no less favourable terms and conditions set out in the BMA Model Contract for GP Specialty Registrars working in General Practice (COGPED) as amended from time to time.

In advance of each General Practice placement, you will be provided with a completed GP Placement Detail letter setting out the terms of your placement. You will also agree your working pattern with your Educational Supervisor, as at Appendix 2 of the enclosed BMA Model Contract.

In accordance with the Employment Rights Act 1996, previous employment with the Employing Board immediately prior to taking up this appointment counts as part of your period of continuous employment. However, for the purpose of certain NHS conditions of service, previous NHS service not treated as "continuous” under the provisions of the above Act, may be reckonable for certain purposes under the Terms & Conditions of Service.

You are employed as a GP Specialty Trainee. Your duties will depend on the nature of your rotational placements. The duties will differ between primary and secondary care settings.

When in hospital placements, you will receive a pay banding supplement in addition to your basic salary, assessed in line with paragraph 22 of the Terms and Conditions of Service. You have been provided with confirmation of your current pay banding supplement and this is confirmed at clause 1 of the attached Hospital Contract.

Pay band supplements may alter in light of changes in the working patterns in future rotational posts. Your total pay may therefore vary between placements. Further information about salary is contained at clauses 3 and 4 of the Hospital Contract.

You will be informed of your rota and pay banding supplement in advance of or on commencement of each subsequent hospital placement by the provision of a Placement Detail letter.

When in General Practice placements, you will be entitled to a 45% supplement on top of your basic salary (the GP Supplement), plus a motor vehicle allowance, as detailed in clause 6 of the BMA Model Contract.

If your base salary is incorrect, then it will be amended by NES on proof of previous service (e.g. recent payslip).

You will agree your working pattern with your educational supervisor as at Appendix 2 of the enclosed BMA Model Contract.

Further information about working patterns in General Practice is set out at clause 8 of the BMA Model Contract.

Your entitlement to sick leave and sick pay for hospital placements is detailed in paragraphs 225-244 of the Terms and Conditions of Service and is referred to in clause 15 of the Hospital Contract. Sickness absence will be managed by NES in accordance with NHS Grampian Attendance Management Policy.

For General Practice Placements, please refer to clause 20.4 of the BMA Model Contract. Sickness absence will be managed by NES in accordance with NES Management of Sickness Absence Policy.

Subject to you complying with the appropriate Policy reporting requirements and statutory notification requirements relating to Statutory Sick Pay and Medical Certificates, you will be entitled to receive remuneration, inclusive of Statutory Sick Pay for a limited period in line with your contractual rights outlined within your Terms and Conditions of Service and BMA Model Contract.

You have an obligation to inform your supervisor at each placement, at the earliest opportunity, and ideally before the start of your normal working day/shift, of any temporary absence due to sickness or otherwise so as to enable the placement within which you are based to arrange emergency cover.

You will be required to complete a self-certification form from the first day of sickness. If your absence continues beyond the seventh day, you will be required to submit a medical statement from your doctor to the placement Board Medical Staffing/ HR. Further statements are required if the sickness continues beyond the period stated on the initial medical certificate.

If you become aware that you or any member of your household is suffering from any infectious, contagious or notifiable disease, you should immediately notify your supervisor at the placement within which you are based.

Whilst undertaking training within both hospital and General Practice placements, you will be covered by Clinical Negligence and Other Risks Indemnity Scheme (CNORIS) indemnity against claims of medical negligence. However, in certain circumstances, such as involvement in criminal proceedings and performance procedures including GMC hearings or where you are providing services for which you receive a separate fee, you will not be covered by this indemnity. In these circumstances, we would advise that you maintain membership of a medical defence organisation to support you with this element of cover.

You are expected to claim all expenses through the NES expenses processes. When in General Practice placements, you will be entitled to additional travel expenses, details of which are set out at section 18 of the BMA Model Contract.

If you have a grievance in connection with your employment, you should normally notify your supervisor who will take such steps as necessary and who will follow NES’ grievance procedure (as amended from time to time). The nature of the grievance will have a bearing on who leads the grievance. When the grievance pertains to pay or terms and conditions, NES will lead the grievance process. When a grievance relates to a local issue, the placement Board/ practice may lead the grievance process, feeding back information and outcomes to NES, with NES representation on the panel where appropriate.

Disputes relating to education and training will still be referred to the Director of Postgraduate General Practice Education as appropriate.

Banding appeals will be led by the placement Board.

As a doctor in training the care you give to patients must:

  • be responsive to their needs,
  • be equitable,
  • respect their human rights,
  • challenge discrimination,
  • promote equality, and
  • maintain the dignity of patients and carers.

As part of your contract you must understand, accept and agree to be bound by the principle of confidentiality and safeguarding of patient records data as detailed in your contract (Hospital section 18; General Practice section 15). You are required to take all reasonable precautions to ensure that any personal data concerning patients, will be kept confidential. Patients must not be discussed with other professionals outside the clinical setting, except anonymously. When recording data or discussing cases outside the clinical setting patients should not be identifiable by others. All confidential data, including electronic, must be used in accordance with employer and placement Board Policies and Procedures ensuring data is created, used and managed securely.

Concerns should be raised at an early stage with the Employing Board or Placement Board as appropriate.

Further details on Whistleblowing including policies and processes, and confidential contacts of the Employing Board and the Placement Board can be found here. This does not affect your rights under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998.