GP start data form

At a Glance

  • On the Trainee's first day, go through Start Data form with them.
  • Both sign this off and return to GP Training HR on the same day.

First day actions - more information

Prior to the Trainee commencing their GP Post in February and August, NES HR will issue you with a GP Start Data Form/induction paperwork.  The GP Start Data Form provides you as Practice Manager with a breakdown of all checks performed or employment informatiom required by the Practice.  This includes PVG Status, GMC Number, Occupational Health Clearance, WTE, Annual leave entitlement etc.  It is essential that you go through this with your Trainee to ensure all details are correct.  You and the Trainee must sign the form and return to NES by raising a support ticket at

It is important this document is returned on day 1 as it enables HR to process payroll promptly any delay with this form could result in non payment of salary.