Contract return

At a Glance

  • The contracts are emailed direct to trainees for online signature.

If you wish to see a copy of your trainee's contract, please raise a support ticket at


Contracts - More information

Contracts are issued within the first 8 weeks in Practice.  This timing is to enable the HR team to conduct various audit checks and process the first month's payroll.  

The BMA has stated that, from date of issue, the contracts must be signed within 8 weeks of issue. Contracts are now issued to trainees from Turas People and trainees can confirm their acceptance online. A contract tracking process will be built on Turas People in due course. In the meantime, both HR and the GPU will continue to chase acceptance of contracts at specific intervals.

Contract return is monitored via the GP Training HR Team and completion rates are given at monthly GPU meetings.

Failure to return a contract will result in a interview with the Director of GP Education, and all chasers/interviews will be recorded on the Trainees E-Portfolio.