Which terms and conditions apply and when?

a. The contract of employment for your hospital placements (“the Hospital Contract”);

When in hospital placements, your employment will be subject to the Hospital Contract and the Terms and Conditions of Service of Hospital Medical and Dental Staff and Doctors in Public Health Medicine and the Community Health Service (Scotland) as amended from time to time (“the Terms and Conditions of Service”). You will be provided with a new Placement Details letter in advance of each hospital placement which will confirm your place of work, working pattern and the banding of the rota.

b.  A model contract of employment, used in Scotland for General Practice placements used in Scotland (“the BMA Model Contract”).

When rotating into General Practice your employment will be subject to the terms and conditions, or no less favourable terms and conditions set out in the BMA Model Contract for GP Specialty Registrars working in General Practice (COGPED) as amended from time to time.

In advance of each General Practice placement, you will be provided with a completed GP Placement Detail letter setting out the terms of your placement. You will also agree your working pattern with your Educational Supervisor, as at Appendix 2 of the enclosed BMA Model Contract.