Special leave

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Please ensure the Deanery Team are also notified of any leave requests.

Special Leave - Further information

NES recognises that many Staff balance the demands of work requirements with domestic responsibilities.  While each Member of Staff is responsible for ensuring that they have appropriate care mechanisms in place to meet their personal responsibilities, NES endeavours to assist in circumstances where these arrangements have unavoidably broken down, or where additional pressures, out with the norm, arise and for which time off work may be required.

The policy details the provisions for time off in relation to serious illness, bereavement, domestic emergencies, carer leave and other types of special leave.  The provisions of this policy are applicable to all Staff, irrespective of length of service, hours of work, or grade and no Employee will suffer any detriment as a result of making application for time off under these provisions.

*Please note that guidelines for managing travel difficulties/adverse weather conditions have also been put in place by NES and further details on these are attached at Appendix 1

In all circumstances special leave should be recorded on the Special Leave Form (Appendix 2) to enable monitoring of its fair application throughout NES.

Where unpaid leave is granted a  Notification of Change form is also required for payroll purposes in addition to the special leave form.  When completed the form (s) should be emailed to medical staffing in the Board you are on placement.