Hardship Loan Guidance

Tax code error 

From time to time Trainees man experience issues with their personal Tax code which may result in a reduction in their net monthly salary.  If you feel that your net pay will not cover your financial commitments, as a responsible employer, NES offers the opportunity to apply for a financial hardship loan.  This is a discretionary loan and is treated as a debt.  This is repayable in full from the following month’s salary.  If the tax code issues have not been resolved in that time, a new application for the loan needs to be made. 

To make an application, complete the form available here and return it to the NES payroll team by going to: https://nesdigital.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portals.  Select Finance Service Desk; Personal Finance; Other Queries. Your application should cover the amount of money you require based on what you feel you need to meet your outgoings until next pay day – rather than based on any shortfall due to your tax code issues.   

In the case of loans where you are seeking additional cash due to an incorrect tax code, the maximum loan payable to you will be the difference between your expected net pay and the net pay received. You may find looking at your previous payslip or bank account to get your normal net pay value useful to ascertain this value. 

Repayment of a hardship loan as a result of tax code error will always be recouped, in full, in the month following the loan. 

Hardship loan 

If a Trainee approaches Trainee Services requesting a hardship loan due to personal financial circumstances, they will first advised to contact the NHS Credit Union to see if they can assist.  


If the Credit Union isn’t an option and the employee still wishes to request a loan, the following information will be gathered from the individual: 

  • Why is a loan required? 
  • Will the loan resolve the problems? 
  • How much money is being requested? 
  • What is the proposed re-payment plan for the money? 

Trainees should note that the approval of a Hardship Loan will be taken on a case by case basis and due to personal circumstances no two cases are the same. 

Bank charges 

If an error is made by NES, and as a result an employee incurs bank charges, NES may be able to reimburse the employee for the charges caused. This would not be paid as a loan, NES would make a payment to the employee to compensate for the charges incurred. 

Should an employee approach HR to advise them of the above situation, the following actions will be taken: 

  • HR will seek confirmation from NES payroll colleagues to confirm if an error was made by NES  
  • The employee should provide evidence of the charges incurred 

Any monies agreed to be due will be paid into the Trainee’s bank account as per their current payroll instructions.