Contract of employment/ Payroll arrangements

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) became the Employer for the National Programme/Cross Regional Trainees in Scotland from Wednesday 5th February 2020. 

The move from your existing NHS Employer to NES was facilitated in accordance with the TUPE Regulations 2006. This allowed for the protection of employees in the event of a change in the employer, ensuring that your rights are safeguarded. This meant that your contract of employment was taken up by NES and transferred on your current terms and conditions of employment, including your continuity of employment on 5th February 2020. As a result of this there was no requirement for NES to issue a new Contract of Employment. 

All of your previous pre-employment checks and associated documents are saved on TURAS People and any additional information required for February 2020 will be carried out by your Placement Board. 

There was no requirement for a further Staff Engagement Form to be completed as all payroll related information was transferred on your behalf by the payroll teams. 

Arrangements were made to place you on NES payroll with effect from the 5th February 2020. Please note your January salary reflected the move from your current Employer to NES on the 5th February and was 4 days more than you will be expecting to be paid. Subsequently your February salary was 4 days less. Overall you were still paid the correct amount across January and February. 

Your pension arrangements were unaffected by this transfer. 

We hope that this information has been useful for you and if you have any further queries please contact us via this email