Where can I find payroll/expense forms to complete?

These are the new national forms that should be used for any future claims, interim arrangements are in place for the month of September to ensure that any claims already submitted will be accepted and processed by NES provided they contain all the required information.

The forms below should be completed and approved by your Placement Board. Once approved, the forms should be forwarded to medical staffing colleagues for processing.

If you are a GP in a Practice placement the forms should be sent by post to: NHS Education for Scotland, Finance Department, Westport, Westport 102, Edinburgh, EH3 9DN.

If you are a Foundation/BBT trainee in a Practice placement, please contact the Board where you are on placement who will be able to direct you to the correct forms for your employer.

If you are in a hospital placement, please send the forms to medical staffing in the Board where you are working - contact details can be found here.

Additional Hours Claim Form 

Authorised Car User Form

Expenses Claim Form

Expenses Claim Form - GPs in Practice and A4C Public Health Trainees

Excess Travel Form

Excess Daily Travel Form for GPSTs in general practice placements

Medical staffing colleagues in Placement Boards can then forward authorised forms to gov.op@nes.scot.nhs.uk for payroll to process.