NES is part of the Clinical Negligence and Other Risks Indemnity Scheme (CNORIS). As an employee of NES, trainee indemnity will be provided by Clinical Negligence and Other Risks Indemnity (CNORIS). However, there are other professional activities which may not be covered by CNORIS.   Trainees are covered by NHS indemnity for clinical negligence claims arising from their work as a VDP. However, many Trainees will not realise that there are situations where this does not apply, so they need to make sure they have additional protection. NHS indemnity will only cover the financial consequences of a claim for clinical negligence whilst they are working as a VDP. It will not protect them from some of the other professional issues they may face. 

For example, NHS indemnity does not provide advice and representation for regulatory council (GDC) inquiries arising from health, performance and professional conduct assistance through employers' disciplinary proceedings or for legal representation for police investigation of potential criminal charges arising from their clinical practice. Trainees are encouraged to maintain membership of a recognised Defence Organisation or Insurer for these purposes.  

If Trainees require advice about applying for additional cover, they may wish to contact BDA in the first instance.