Where can I find guidance on NES relocation applications?

Authorisation and Checking Process

NES trainees in Hospital must send their completed forms with receipts to their Placement Board for approval.

Placement Boards should approve relocation claims for trainees in hospital using the NES policies.  The guidance can be found on the NHS Circular: PCS(DD)2010/8 which is held on the Turas Hub here. This circular is to be used until the National Relocation Policy is available.

Once the claim has been approved these can be emailed to the NES Finance mailbox:  Gov.op@nes.scot.nhs.uk from an agreed placement board email box.  NES will process these claims and recharge the Placement Board.

Placement Board

  • Check the correct form has been filled in –
    • HOMEOWNER is for a trainee who PREVIOUSLY owned their home before moving. This is capped at £8,000.00
    • NON – HOMEOWNER is for a trainee who DID NOT PREVIOUSLY own their home before moving regardless of if they have now bought a house. This is capped at £1,000.00 
  • Make sure that the appropriate receipts and back up paper work exist to support the claim.
  • Put amounts due to claimant in the ‘For Office Use’ column.
  • Make sure that the amount claimed is less than the capped value, if it is not cap it depending on if they are homeowner or non-homeowner
  • The Placement Board should complete the ‘To be completed by Placement Board’ Box at the bottom of the front page.
  • The Placement Board should send all expenses claims from the GP Trainees checked and approved by the Placement Board and then e-mailed to Gov.Op@nes.scot.nhs.uk   NES will accept submission from a pre-agreed e-mail account as having been checked and authorised therefore no further authorisation will take place.

Employment Board - NES

NES will accept expenses claims as being already checked and authorised by an appropriate individual within the Placement Board.

A crib sheet to help colleagues in placement Boards process NES trainees relocation requests can be found here.