Rest periods following night shift

DL (2021) 21 published on 14 July 2021 advises NHSScotland employers of the agreement reached between NHS Employers, Scottish Government (MSG) and the BMA Scottish Junior Doctors Committee (SJDC) on defining Full Shift night working for the application of a minimum rest period of 46 hours for all Junior Doctor Full Shift rotas.

The minimum rest period of 46 hours off applies following any block of Full Shift night working, including single night shifts, and should commence on conclusion of the final night shift.

On occasions where night shifts are being covered through the Medical Bank it is incumbent on Junior Doctors to ensure that, unless by prior agreement with their employers, application of the 46 hours rule does not impact on service/shift commitments associated with their substantive employment.

In circumstances where Junior Doctors are asked to provide night shift cover within their own rota associated with their substantive employment, it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that the 46 hours rest requirement is met.

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