What is the process for applying for Paternity Leave?

Paternity Leave Application Form

The paternity leave application form should be completed by the trainee and submitted to the educational supervisor/line manager for approval together with the supporting documentation.

Should you wish to apply for Additional Statutory Paternity Leave (ASPL), you must also provide the following documents with your application form:

  • HMRC SC7 or HMRC SC8 (links to both documents can be found on Appendix 3), in addition the child's mother is also required to submit a written statement to NES HR as per section 8.2

Once approved by your line manager, the form should be sent to medical staffing/HR in your placement board who will confirm your entitlements and arrangements for your leave.

The placement board should process a notification of change form through Turas People for payroll attaching the relevant documentation. The placement board should ensure paternity leave is recorded through SSTS or a leave form if they are not using SSTS (this can be found here).