Am I eligible for parental leave?

Parental Leave is in addition to flexible working, maternity leave, paternity leave and special leave. All employees will be eligible to take parental leave if:

  1. They have 12 months’ continuous service with one or more NHS employers;
  2. They have a nominated caring responsibility for a child under age 18;
  3. They notify their employer in writing three weeks (21 days) in advance of the intended leave (or if this is not possible, as soon as is reasonably practicable thereafter):
    • Of their intention to take parental leave;
    • Of the date they wish to commence and return from parental leave;
    • Provide evidence of entitlement

The amount of parental leave entitlement is 18 weeks for each child under the age of 18.

The 18-week entitlement is per each child, not per employment. In other words, the balance of the entitlement is not restored to 18 weeks if an individual changes employer. For example, if an employee uses 10 weeks of their entitlement with one employer, and then changes employer, they can only use up to eight weeks with their new employer, assuming that they are eligible. Eligibility for parental leave transfers between employers on a cumulative basis.

Both mothers and fathers can take parental leave.

*Please note that LTFT Trainees will be entitled to parental leave on a pro-rata basis depending on the hours that they work.

A trainee may not take more than 2 weeks paid leave per annum, and it may be taken as:

  • A single block of 8 weeks
  • An annual allowance of time agreed
  • Under any other arrangements agreed between a trainee and their Practice in line with service needs

The Parental Leave Policy can be found here.