Staff Governance

Research governance is the broad range of regulations, principles and standards of good practice that exist to achieve, and continuously improve, research quality across healthcare and community care settings throughout the UK and worldwide.  It applies to all those who fund, host, manage, design, undertake or participate in research.  

Each devolved administration within the UK has produced its own Research Governance Framework.  In Scotland, all Health Boards are expected to comply with the standards set out in the document published by the Chief Scientist Office (SEHD Research Governance Framework).

Work is being taken forward during 2015 to produce a replacement for the Research Governance Framework that will apply across all UK administrations although no definite date for implementation has yet been published.

NES Research Governance

Research in NES is managed by directorates and overseen on behalf of the NS Board by the Educational and Research Governance Committee (E&RGC) and its Executive Group.  NES arrangements for research governance are set out in the NES Research Governance Policy (NES Research Governance Policy).  Stewart Irvine has executive responsibility for research governance and Helen Allbutt has operational responsibility.

This page directs you to further information about Research Governance including key documents and contacts.

The National Staff Survey gives everyone who works for NHSScotland the chance to say what it is like to work here. Evidence shows that there is a direct link between the experience staff have at work, the quality of patient care and our overall performance. The results of the survey will influence actions and initiatives developed for staff.

The 2015 Staff Survey saw an improvement in the national response rate to 38%, with an extra 5,600 staff participating compared to 2014. In NES, our overall participation rate increased by 2%, to 55%.
The summary data in the national report indicates that our performance this year in respect of the Staff Governance Standard remains good relative to previous years and NHS Scotland as a whole, and has improved in some areas.  The detailed report for NES is here.