What are the key features of the Educational Governance Framework?

The Educational Governance Framework sets out a three-tier, risk-based reporting structure for NES educational programmes.  At the apex of this reporting structure is the Board level Educational & Research Governance Committee (E&RGC) comprising non-executive Board members.  The Committee is supported by a cross-directorate Executive Group, which takes forward the detailed monitoring of Educational Programmes and the development of reporting processes.

Following the risk-based approach to reporting, larger programmes subject to close scrutiny by an external regulator are reviewed on an annual basis by the E&RGC.  Programmes considered of lower risk are reviewed biennially by the Executive Group, following an agreed schedule and based on a common report template.

Each of the five educational directorates is reviewed on a triennial schedule. This directorate review process provides NES and external stakeholders with an opportunity to consider directorates’ overall quality management, strategic direction and key challenges.