Where can I get information about relocation expenses and where should I submit these?

Relocation Expenses for Trainees

When in general practice, if a trainee is required to move/change accommodation in order to live in the locality of their training programme then expenses are available. General conditions which will apply to GPSTs in practice placements from the 2011 circular can be found in section 11-13.  In addition to this the NES removal policy requires that your existing accommodation must be out with a 30 mile radius from your new base and that the new home must be within a 30 mile radius.  GP Trainees should therefore establish a permanent home within 30 miles of the training practice. Whether you are a homeowner or non-homeowner the types of expenses which can be reimbursed are similar with the main difference being the maximum value which is £8,000 for a homeowner and £1,000 for non-homeowner.

When in hospital placements, general conditions of the 2010 circular will apply. Where the circular refers to local policy for relocation, NES will follow the guidance in the GP circular and as detailed above for all trainees in hospital placements.

Please see the following guidance:

Preparation for Relocation

Please see sections 14-18 of the circular and select the relevant form(s). NES will require regular assurances from you during the claim period that you are making every effort to find suitable accommodation in the locality of the training programme.


Please see section 20-38 of the circular and select the relevant situation: Homeowner:

Non Homeowner:


When in general practice placements all claims for relocation expenses should be submitted to Gov.Op@nes.scot.nhs.uk

When in hospital placements all claims for relocation should be submitted to your placement board - contact details can be found here.

All claims for relocation expenses must be submitted with appropriate documentation confirming proof of the claimed expenses.

If you are in general practice, any queries in relation to the policy should be sent to the NES payroll team by going to: https://nesdigital.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portals

Please note that the first time you submit a query through this helpdesk you will need to self-register with JIRA using your NHS email address (personal email accounts should NOT be used).

If you are in a hospital placement, any queries should be sent to medical staffing in your placement board.

Please note that this section is subject to on-going review and the information above applies to hospital placements from August 2018.