Financial hardship due to tax code

As a responsible employer, NES offers all employees the opportunity to make an application for a financial hardship loan. This is a discretionary loan offered by NES and is treated as a debt. If you feel that your net pay will not cover your financial commitments in the month, you may apply for this short-term loan due to tax code DO or OT.

To make an application, complete the form at the link below and return it to the NES payroll team by going to: Please note that the first time you submit a query through this helpdesk you will need to self-register with JIRA using your NHS email address. Your application should cover the amount of money you require based on what you feel you need to meet your outgoings until next pay day – rather than any shortfall due to your tax code issues.  

In the case of loans where you are seeking additional cash due to an incorrect tax code, the maximum loan payable to you will be the difference between your expected net pay and the net pay received. You may find looking at your previous payslips or bank account to get your normal net pay value useful to ascertain this value.

Financial Hardship Loan Request form

Any financial hardship loan awarded will be deducted in full from your next salary payment, even if your tax code remains at D0. If your tax code has not been rectified, then you will have to re-apply for a hardship loan each month until it is rectified. NES reserves the right to reject an application if they feel you are not attempting to resolve the issue with HMRC.