As directed by the NES Board, monitoring of NES general complaints is now managed by the Planning and Corporate Governance Team.

They would complete the complaints form online (see below),-comments,-concerns-and-complaints.aspx

or you can write, telephone or email by contacting us at the following:

Head of Planning and Corporate Governance
NHS Education for Scotland
Westport 102
West Port

Tel: 07908 213417

Please contact your directorate Complaints Lead for further advice:  

Dental - Penny Crowe

Digital - John MacEachen - Principle Lead (Corporate Communications)

Finance & Corporate Resources - Gregor Player

NMAHP - Sheila Findlay

Medical - Duncan Pollock

Pharmacy - Gail McAllister

Psychology - Rosie Porter

Workforce - Jacqueline Smith  

Alternatively, please contact any of the Complaints Team:

Donald Cameron, Karen Howe, Paula Duncan, Helen Allbutt or Rob Coward at  

Please remember to log the anonymised details of any complaint on the complaints register

Detailed guidance for directorates can be found in the Complaints Guidance for Directorates

There are some things you may wish to complain about which will not be handled through this complaints procedure, these include:

  • Complaints from one NHS body to another.
  • Complaints about a contract or arrangment for services.
  • Complaints from employees relating to their employment contract.
  • Complaints which have already gone to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman for investigation.
  • Complaints about requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act.
  • Complaints which are the subject of legal action.
  • Complaints which are the subject of disciplinary action.
  • Complaints which have already been investigated under an NHS complaints procedure.

See Complaints Guidance for Directorates

If in doubt, please send any queries/complaints to: