Winter flu vaccinations available

13 September 2022

Winter flu vaccinations are available now, to frontline and non-frontline healthcare staff. And for those in frontline roles, or at risk, Covid vaccinations are available too:

Flu vaccination  

Coughs and colds are part and parcel of the changing seasons, but flu is different. Flu is caused by different viruses and can be much more serious. Those most at risk from flu are also the most vulnerable to COVID-19. It’s therefore vital we protect others by doing everything we can to keep the circulation of both flu and COVID-19 in our communities to an absolute minimum.  

Getting your flu vaccination can help stop the spread of flu and protect not only you, but also your friends, family, and colleagues and is one of the most effective ways to reduce pressure on hospital beds, the health and social care system, and your colleagues this winter.  

This season the vaccine will once again be delivered nationally through the local health boards in accordance with the Winter Vaccination Programme 2022. Only 1 dose of the flu vaccine is needed each winter. 

All health and social care workers can book their flu vaccination appointment now via the Online booking portal, see below for further information. 

Online booking portal 

You can log in to book using your unique username and password. This is the same as you had for your previous doses of the coronavirus vaccine. 

Go to the online booking portal  

Get help with booking 

Rearrange your appointment if the time or day doesn't suit you. 


COVID-19 vaccination 

NHS Scotland is vaccinating those most at risk first along with frontline health and social care workers.

Where possible, the winter coronavirus vaccine will be given at the same time as the flu vaccine, if you're eligible for both. This is a safe and efficient way to give maximum protection over winter months. 

The coronavirus vaccine should be given at least 12 weeks after your last dose.  

NHS Scotland recommends you get your vaccines as soon as they are offered to you. 

Further information  

Further information is available here: 

Winter Vaccination Programme 2022 

If you have any other questions, please contact 

There is also a freephone Helpline available on 0800 030 8013.