Quarantine (self-isolation) for NHS Scotland staff returning to the UK

05 November 2021

Further to previous guidance issued, the guidance on quarantine/self-isolation has now been updated. NHS Scotland employees need to ensure they take account the latest Scottish Government advice in regard to international travel.

The Scottish and UK country classification system as well as the measures required on return to the UK have changed recently. The ongoing unpredictability of the pandemic continues, which means that it is not possible to book foreign travel on the assumption that no quarantine will be required on return.

Staff are encouraged to check COVID-19 infections rates in any potential destinations prior to travel and should do this noting that the status of their destination may change at short notice prior to or during their trip.

Should there be a requirement for quarantine and homeworking is not an option or appropriate, any quarantine periods associated with non-essential foreign travel should be accommodated either by annual leave or unpaid leave or a combination of both.  In circumstances of essential travel (e.g. a consequence of a family bereavement or family illness) special leave can be granted in situations where the staff member cannot work from home during their quarantine.

Please find updated guidance attached.