Covid 19 Vaccination/Rotation Communication

08 February 2021

Dear Trainee,

A number of you may be preparing to move to a different Health Board in February as part of your planned training programme rotation. Prior to travelling for change-over at the new placement on Wednesday 3rd February please make sure that any COVID tests pending have been clarified as negative, and that you have completed the required isolation period if you have either tested positive or been a close contact as advised by Test and Protect. If this means your start date is delayed then please advise the clinical/service lead of your new department, the HR department in your new Health Board and your Training Programme Administrator.

You should all have had the opportunity to sign up for your first Covid Vaccination in your current placement. As second doses are now advised at 12 weeks, this may mean that some of you will change placement board prior to receipt of your second dose. While some boards in close proximity may offer the opportunity to return to the board which administered the first dose if an appointment has already been arranged, there is also a recognition that there is a role for your new board to offer access to your second dose if this is more appropriate. If an existing appointment with the previous board is not required, please ensure that you advise that this should be cancelled with plenty of notice. If moving to a new board, please ensure that you contact the new board vaccination programme booking team to advise that you are approaching the date for your second dose in order to allow an appointment to be arranged in a timely fashion. Educational Supervisors or Directors of Medical Education should be able to advise of the process in each board if you are uncertain.

Have you received your COVID-19 Vaccination through an external provider?

If you have received your vaccination through your GP or NHS COVID-19 clinic, please complete the attached forms so that we can better plan future clinics and vaccine order requirements.

Thank you once again for all you are doing at this challenging time and we wish you well in your new post.



Thank you once again for all you are doing at this challenging time and we wish you well in your new post.