Coaching for Wellbeing: Supporting Resilience and Morale

12 February 2021

In May 2020, NES launched Coaching for Wellbeing, a digital coaching service for all health and social care staff during COVID-19.

The emphasis of the service was in recognising the importance of wellbeing at a time of crisis and uncertainty.

It was commissioned by the Scottish Government as a contribution to the National Wellbeing Hub and is managed by NES in partnership with Know You More, a digital coaching company that supports organisations to grow their leaders and develop their people through high-quality coaching.

To date, it has been accessed by staff across Scotland, from all parts of the health and social care workforce, and from a wide range of roles.

Data consistently shows that coaching has made a strong, positive difference to the overall resilience, wellbeing and morale of those who took part. And improvements were shown across all professional areas and role levels in the participant group. 

The feedback from the participants illustrates the value of their coaching experience. Words used include ‘transformational’ and ‘empowering’ – and show impact in both, professional and personal life.

Some testimonials:

“It has been a transformational experience, which saved me professionally during the most difficult time of my career.”

 “Coaching gave me the support I needed to do some difficult work for myself. Working through the preparation exercises helped me to unlock the issue and the sessions held me accountable. My coaching experience was empowering.”

 “I have already shared the coaching for self-care opportunity with several colleagues. I say it put me back in control when I felt life was getting out of control.”

“This experience has not only given positive steps for my personal life; it has given me a platform to work on that is invaluable in my position as a support worker.”

The Coaching for Wellbeing Evaluation Report 2020

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