Changes to payslips - April 2024

26 April 2024


You may notice a few changes to your NET Pay this month (April 2024) when compared to last month. There have been a few changes that have impacted your take home pay: - 

National Insurance Contributions 

The Chancellor’s budget announced a reduction in Class 1 National Insurance rates from 12% to 8% for the 2024-2025 Financial Year. 

This means that you will now pay 8% on all earnings over £1,048.00 up to £4,189.00 per month. All earnings above this will still pay 2%. 

Those that are over state pension age will continue to pay no contributions. 


Income Tax Contributions 

The Chancellor’s budget also announced an increase in the Tax Bands increasing the amount you can earn before moving up a tax bracket.   



Annual Earnings 


Tax Rate 



Tax Free Allowance 


Up to £12,570 

Up to £12,570 

Starter tax rate 


Up to £2,162 

Up to £2,306 

Basic tax rate 


From £2,163 to £13,118 

From £2,307 to £13,991 

Intermediate tax rate 


From £13,119 to £31,092 

From £13,992 to £31,092 

Higher tax rate 


From £31,093 to £125,140 

From £31,093 to £62,430 

Advanced tax rate 



From £62,431 to £125,140 

Top tax rate 


Above £125,140 


Top tax rate 



Above £125,140 


Please note that your tax free allowance may vary depending on your tax code.  

Below is an example of a typical Band 5 Pensionable Salary with an S1257L Tax Code for illustration purposes. 


March 24 

April 24 

Gross Pay (no change) 



Tax (reduction) 



National Insurance (reduction) 



Pension Contribution (no change) 



Net Pay 




Reduction in Full-Time Hours for AFC Staff 

As agreed during the pay award negotiations for 2023-24, the number of hours a full-time employee works has been reduced from 37.5 to 37.0 hours per week. 

On your payslip you will see that your contracted hours have been reduced and your hourly rate has increased so that you received the same GROSS salary as March 2024. This applies to both full-time and part-time staff. 

NES have announced that due to delays in implementing this across departments, everyone continued to work 37.5 hours in April 2024. Therefore, all AFC employees will receive this additional time worked as additional hours in May 2024 (Pro-rated for Part-Time Employees). 


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