£500 Bonus payments process

28 January 2021

Further to our recent correspondence to you earlier this month regarding the £500 Covid payment, Scottish Government have released further guidance following questions raised to them by stakeholders. This guidance can be found https://www.sehd.scot.nhs.uk/pcs/PCS2021(COV)01.pdf

The revised guidance provides the choice to opt out of receiving the £500 (pro-rated) Covid payment in your February salary. If you wish to then opt back in and receive it in your March 2021 salary you can do so. The ability to be paid over 3 instalments is still available if you decide to defer the payment until March 2021

If you have already requested to be paid in instalments and prefer to opt out instead, please complete the opt out form below and we will disregard your request to be paid in instalments from February 2021. You will have to opt back in, using the form below, to receive then your payment in March 2021. (or if being paid in instalments March to May 2021)

If you wish to opt out please complete the form below by 5 February 2021


When you wish to opt back in please complete the form below by 5 March 2021


15 January 2021

Dear colleagues, 

On 30 November, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced a £500 one off payment for all health and care staff as a thank-you for helping Scotland cope with COVID-19.

The £500 Covid bonus will be paid to eligible staff, currently employed by NES, in the February payroll.  

However, if you wish to receive this payment in three instalments rather than one lump sum, please complete the PCS(COV)2020/1 - £500 Covid Bonus Payment by Instalments Form and submit by 31 January 2021. Submissions after this date may not be accepted.  

More information on the bonus, including eligibility

For more information, contact the Finance Service Desk.

Thank you.