Concerns that do not count as whistleblowing

A whistleblowing concern is different to a grievance in that, a grievance is typically a personal complaint about an individual's own employment situation (for example bullying, harassment, discrimination) which is not made in the public interest.

Whereas, a whistleblowing concern is usually raised by an individual who is usually a witness and may have no direct personal involvement in the concern they are raising, but are concerned about the impact on patients or safe working practices.

The routine feedback on the quality of training experience that the Deanery gathers from its doctors in training should not be confused with whistleblowing. Feedback is routinely gathered via surveys such as the GMC NTS, the Scottish Training Survey, the Pre-Visit Questionnaire, the notification of concern process or through meetings with trainees during Deanery Quality Management Visits.

Further guidance on the difference between whistleblowing and a grievance can be found in "The difference between a grievance and a concern" section of the National Whistleblowing Standards.