I am not happy about the Hospital I have been rotated to. What can I do?

Contractually, you may be required to work at any of the training locations listed in the Programme details for your Specialty. Changes to allocations/rotation will only be made in exceptional circumstances and these must not be made less than one month prior to the placement.

Once a trainee has accepted their rotation at the start of the training programme, no changes will be able to be made other than for exceptional change to personal circumstances.

Changes must not be made part way through a rotation.

There are 2 exceptions to this:

  • Where trainees have a specific educational need related to the achievement of competences.
  • Where trainees have special personal circumstances related to significant family responsibilities or personal health issues.
    Geographical preference is NOT regarded as a reason for change of placement.

You should discuss any such issues with your TPD in the first instance.