What about Bank Holidays?

Your entitlement to public/ statutory holidays is defined in your contract, usually it is an entitlement of 10 public holidays per annum, subject to local agreements which you can confirm with your placement Board.  When you are required to work on one of these days on a rostered basis you will be entitled to a day off in lieu. [If you work part-time, you will be entitled to public holidays or days in lieu on a pro rata basis according to the number of hours you work compared with full time hours.]

You will be entitled to take the agreed public holidays that fall during your employment period. If you are part time your entitlement is then pro rata.

Where a zero hours day falls on a public holiday, the public holiday is to be taken and the zero hours day is to be taken at a mutually agreeable time within the rota cycle as agreed by the placement Board/ General Practice and the Doctor in Training.