COVID -19 Vaccination Programme FAQ’s

As we continue with the roll out the COVID -19 Vaccination Programme to our frontline employees, our aim is to communicate information that will both assist and support you, during the vaccination programme, as NES continues to work closely with both Placement Boards and General Practices to ensure that you can access the vaccination as easily and timeously as possible.

In response to the roll out of the Vaccination programme you will find below updated guidance in the form of Frequently Asked Questions which you can refer to should you have a query in relation to your vaccination.

If you would like to access 'MyCohort' please use this link

COVID19 Vaccination – I’ve had my 1st vaccination – what happens next?

I have received my 1st Covd19 vaccination at a Local Board clinic - what happens next?

You will need to contact them to book your 2nd appointment to ensure that you receive your 2nd dose at the appropriate time

NSS Occupational Health Team do not have the ability to book or arrange this for you. 

I have received my 1st Covd19 vaccination via the NSS clinic - what happens next?

At your first appointment you will be provided an indicative date for your 2nd appointment to allow you to book your 2nd dose via MyCohort at the appropriate time.   

Please note second doses of the vaccine will be timeously rotated in the order in which you received your first vaccine. 

What do you need to do if you have been vaccinated via your GP or NHS COVID -19?

If you have received your vaccination through your GP or NHS COVID-19 we ask that you please complete the attached forms so that your Board can understand how many of its workforce has been vaccinated when planning for future clinics and vaccine order requirements.

External Coronavirus 1st Vaccination 2020/2021

External Coronavirus 2nd Vaccination 2020/2021

COVID19 – How do I get a vaccination?

NSS Project Team will email you asking you to make an appointment through MyCohort. 

As guided by the Scottish Government, each Board has been required to identify their priority staff groups against the information identified within the Green Book, Chapter 14.

NSS are currently arranging the 1st set of Priority Group clinics from February 2021 and will be issuing emails on this basis. - please wait until you receive your email.

COVID19 – Which vaccine will I receive?

At all NSS Clinics you will be offered the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine

NHS Uk website - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccine

NHS Inform Website - COVID-19 General Advice

AstraZeneca Website - COVID-19 UK Information

Gov.Uk Website - Regulatory approval of COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca

COVID19 – I am currently on Maternity Leave when can I expect to receive an invitation to be vaccinated?

NSS Occupational Health Team are currently prioritising individuals on Maternity leave based on the date they are due to return to work and review this on a regular basis.

Should you wish to return to work sooner than your intended return date, please speak with your TPD or line manager to arrange for your vaccine to be administered by the placement you are due to return to.

COVID 19 - I have an issue with the system, who do I ask for help?

If your issue is not listed on the FAQ then log a call via the Contact Us on HR Connect.

Pregnancy and the COVID-19 Vaccine

The coronavirus vaccine is strongly recommended in pregnancy. Pregnant women are at increased risk from coronavirus and the vaccination is the best way to protect pregnant women and their babies against the known risks of coronavirus in pregnancy.  

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) advises that pregnant women are eligible for two doses of the coronavirus vaccine, followed by a booster dose. Having all the recommended doses of the vaccine is important for longer-term protection against coronavirus. 

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and NHS Inform have other information you may find helpful on Covid-19 vaccines and pregnancy. 

COVID19 – Where can I access further information

Please follow the link for further information.