What are the induction requirements?

Each Deanery hosts a face-to-face induction programme for trainees, which you will attend at the beginning of your GP Specialty Registrar post. This will provide you with detailed information about your training programme and what to expect over the coming months. You should also see the Scotland Deanery Induction pages.

Your placement Board will facilitate your completion of mandatory training requirements and any other training required as part of your induction to your placement. NES will receive updates on completion of mandatory training and wherever possible when you rotate you will not have to repeat all of the mandatory training.


Trainees starting with NES as a GPST3 must complete online training in Health and Safety and Equality and Diversity.  At least two weeks prior to commencing GP Practice, trainees are emailed login details to access the Skills for Health site to complete this mandatory training.  Both of these modules must be completed and we ask Trainees to complete them within the first two days in Practice.  Practice Managers/Educational Supervisors should ensure that time is set aside for this; each module should take roughly 1 -2 hours.