What are the reasons for the transfer?

The lead employer arrangements were implemented across Scotland to improve the Doctor and Dentist in Training employment journey as follows: 

  • less employment related administration and duplication of information provided; 
  • a single contract of employment for the duration of a programme; 
  • reduced tax issues;  
  • continuous service with one employer making it easier to access employee benefits; and  
  • clearer employment arrangements for money lenders (e.g., mortgages/ cars/ credit rating). 

Since 2018 doctors in training have benefited from a move to the Lead Employer model, whereby they have one employer for the duration of their training programme and as of September 2021, this model was extended to new dentists in training. 
The model is now being extended to current dental specialty trainees through the transfer of employment to NHS Education for Scotland.  This move, as with that for new dental trainees, seeks to align the contract of employment to a National Board, provide consistency in business processes, and as a result improve the trainee employment journey

This transfer has been agreed in partnership and following consultation by the current employing Boards with the British Dental Association.