Your wellbeing matters to us!

The health, safety and wellbeing of staff is paramount to NHS Scotland, especially during these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here you can find information on various standard national resources available to NHS Staff to support wellbeing, which apply during a crisis and beyond.

In addition, Doctors and Dentists in Training can find the following links useful where they can seek further information on financial wellbeing, alongside physical and mental health and wellbeing related support, as well as training.

There are various charities that are committed to providing support to Doctors and Dentists in Training, here are some of them:

Doctors and Dentists in Training are able to access income protection via various schemes. Whilst we cannot provide any financial advice, we would advise all Doctors and Dentists in Training to seek advice on what schemes are available to provide protection should it be required and to consider taking steps to ensure they have adequate cover in place.

Some additional support may be provided locally, further details are available under the following links for each Health Board in Scotland.

Staff Wellbeing suites- https://www.nhsaaa.net/coronavirus-covid-19/staff-wellbeing-suites/

Staff Health, Safety and Wellbeing- http://athena/hwl/Pages/Default.aspx (only available from NHS AA computer)

Information to follow

StaffLink app for staff Health and Wellbeing:

COVID-19 Health and Wellbeing-https://app.joinblink.com/#/hub/f01e9e72-c303-4a59-ad35-0d7e282409f8

General Health and Wellbeing- https://nhsfife.joinblink.com/#/hub/aa9505c0-29a8-4edb-962d-451e63d57c1a

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Information to follow

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