Turas People

Turas People

Turas People is a new application hosted on the Turas platform that will support implementation of the lead employer model. You will now see a Turas People tile, alongside other applications such as TPM and eportfolio, when you log into Turas.

Turas Login Page (if you have forgotten your password please follow this link)

Turas People will be used by doctors in training and medical staffing/ HR Departments in boards to share information on the placement and employment of doctors in Boards. Information provided at recruitment and programme allocation information will feed into Turas People to assist in the pre-employment checks required for you to commence or continue your employment with one of the employing Boards for the duration of your training programme.

From Turas People you will be able to:

  • receive an offer of employment letter from the lead employer for your programme of training;
  • provide pre-employment information such as references and right to work information not confirmed at recruitment;
  • complete the staff engagement form to ensure you can get paid in August;
  • complete pre-employment occupational health documentation, including provision of proof of immunisations and immunisation history;
  • track progress with pre-employment checks;
  • receive alerts on any actions you are required to progress;
  • receive, sign and store your contract of employment;
  • access, complete, submit and save forms you may require to complete during your employment (e.g. parental leave forms, maternity paperwork);
  • receive, sign and store amendments to your contract of employment;
  • receive information on your next Placement, and
  • upload useful documents to your filing cabinet.

You told us that it can be hard to keep track of the multiple documents you require during employment, so we think Turas People will assist in making your employment journey more straightforward and provide a central place for you to access, receive and store employment related information.

We understand that many of you may take some time out between programmes, the Turas platform is cloud based, this means that you will be able to access your employment related information stored on Turas People wherever you are and from multiple devices. In addition, before you head off on any exciting travels you can upload useful documents to your filing cabinet in advance as these may be required by your prospective employer (e.g. payslips, evidence of right to work, competences, immunisation certificates).

If you are already a user of the Turas platform, you will now see the Turas People tile on your dashboard when you login. If you are new to the Turas platform please click this link to confirm your account. 

Please note, you may find it beneficial to use an nhs.net email account for Turas People, as this will not change as you rotate through placements. In addition, it is our understanding that many of the Boards require doctors in training to have a nhs.net account in order to access online induction materials. Please see instructions for setting up a nhs.net account here.

If you are a FY1 Doctor in NHS Tayside, please note that you are not required to contact the IT department.  All IT access including NHS Net will be arranged and set up for you starting.

A helpful login guide for board users can be found here.

You must ensure that your personal information is updated on Turas People and any changes should be made by logging onto the Turas platform. A step-by-step guide on how to update your details on Turas can be found here.

  • If you need to update your email address on Turas:
    • log in to the Turas Dashboard https://turasdashboard.nes.nhs.scot/  (use your usual Turas e-mail and password to log in)
    • click your name in the top right hand corner
    • click on 'Personal Details' and change your e-mail - this will update all Turas applications which you have access to.
  • If you have reported access difficulties:
    • If you are receiving an error message which reads “access denied” or “error”, we would be grateful if you could attempt to log in again as we have been working to update account statuses which should all now be resolved. It is imperative that you login using the e-mail address that this e-mail has been sent to as this is the e-mail account which your Turas People account has been linked to (this will normally be the e-mail address you used to apply via Oriel). 
    • If you have access to other Turas applications (e.g. TPM, Portfolio) under a different e-mail address from the one you are using to access Turas People, please log a ticket with the Helpdesk requesting for your accounts to be merged. Please provide details of both e-mail accounts and let the Helpdesk know which account you wish to keep active and which one you want disabled, they will then merge all of your information under one login.
    • A small number of you may have received a specific error message which reads “Account Blocked“, please raise a Helpdesk ticket with the title “Error message Account Blocked” as these need to be handled on an individual basis and a mass fix cannot be applied.
    • If you are experiencing access issues please try opening Turas in a different browser or if you do not have a second browser installed please clear the cache of the browser you are using and then try logging in again.

Turas People is a new application being developed to support workflows between doctors in training, employing Boards and placement Boards. The application is being developed incrementally and so we would value your input in developing future functionality that will benefit you and your colleagues. Our user experience team would like to speak to you to get your feedback on what we could do to optimise your experience as a user of Turas People. To get involved, please email Turas.platform@nhs.net