Our Way

We have our values, we have our objectives, we have our ways of working. They are the foundation of our organisation. What about our way of being; or how we are expected to behave in the workplace?

Our Way is owned and driven by the people who work for NES, that reminds us all how we should behave as individuals to be effective, respectful and engaging when working together.

It is our point of reference to know the behaviours we should display in work with one another, and what to do when we see behaviour that isn’t Our Way.

Have a look at the interactive PDF, which sets out the premise for Our Way and explains a bit more about how it will work in practice. If you’re a team manager, you can use the Our Way in Teams resource pack to embed a healthy working culture in your team, and agree together what you’ll do when you see behaviours that go against your core values.

Access the resource pack, or ask any questions you might have at ODLL@nes.scot.nhs.uk with the subject heading “our way”.

Our Way is something we all own and shape. It is yours to use and implement how you see fit. Let us know of any changes or additions you think should be made.

Still not convinced? Have a read at the questions below to see if your query is answered.

Everyone in NES should make themselves familiar with Our Way to ensure their behaviour and they behaviour of those in their team is reflected in what is Our Way, and to seek guidance on what to do if they see behaviour that’s Never Our Way.

The most important thing in a healthy organisation is its people. Everyone who works for NES should come to work in a happy and healthy environment, and experience Joy at work. It’s a requirement of the NHS Staff Governance Standards that all staff are:

  • well informed;
  • appropriately trained and developed;
  • involved in decisions;
  • treated fairly and consistently, with dignity and respect, in an environment where diversity is valued; and
  • provided with a continuously improving and safe working environment, promoting the health and wellbeing of staff, patients and the wider community

In NES, we meet this standard in many ways, Our Way is a way to ensure we have a consistent healthy organisational culture across NES and continue to meet all the above standards, encouraging one another to make our organisation a great place to work.

Culture change is a really hard thing to monitor and evaluate.

We will continue to use iMatter as a monitoring tool of our organisation wide culture, but it’s the responsibility of us as individuals, managers and directors to make sure we are ambassadors for our healthy culture by embedding it into daily practice.

There are some practical tools like the culture mapping wheel you can use to temperature check culture in your team or directorate. 

We’ve designed a guidance specific to managers on how best to use the Our Way resources in your team, find them on the corporate hub.

Like most of the work we do in the health service, Our Way and any culture change tool is modelled on a continuous improvement focus. This means that no matter where you may be as an individual or team, the materials are still relevant and useful.

Things may be great, but take the time to explore, what could be even better?

Really small things that take very little effort can have a big impact on your happiness at work, which makes them just as important as the big things.

By knowing Our Way, living Our Way, and making it Your Way. Knowing and living the behaviours and values of our organisation is what makes them real.

Familiarise yourself with the Our Way resources, and if there’s anything you want to know more about, or that you feel is missed out, let us know at ODLL@nes.scot.nhs.uk