I have filled in the proof of employment form but the status is still showing as pending?

Thank you for filling in the proof of employment form to create your proof of employment letter to use for mortgage applications etc which you have noticed is still showing as pending. The most likely cause for this is that your right to work check and staff engagement form are awaiting your placement board completing them and these 2 checks need to be complete for your employment information to populate into your proof of employment. Please could you contact medical staffing in the placement board where you are working or will be working to confirm with them if these 2 checks have been completed by them. Once these checks have been actioned by your placement board the status of your proof of employment form will then update and you will be able to download the letter.

Please do not hesitate to email TurasPeopleSupport@nes.scot.nhs.uk if your placement board have already completed the above checks for you and you are still unable to access your proof of employment letter and we will look into this for you.