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Expenses Claim Form - Trainees in Practice Placements 

Manual Claim Completion Guide

Set-up forms and backups required:

CMV2 form - Trainees in Practice Placements

  • Once the requirement for the GPST to use their vehicle for business purposes has been identified the Authoriser must ensure that the GPST completes the CMV2 form.
  • The CMV2 form should be signed by the Authoriser once they have seen the GPSTs valid Driving licence, Valid MOT certificate (only applicable if the vehicle is over 3 years old) and a completed NES Management of Occupation Road Risk Self Assessment.
  • The CMV2 form should then be submitted to NHS Education for Scotland (NES) Finance Service Desk with a copy of the motor insurance certificate

Driving Licence

Car Insurance (including business usage)

*please note:

NES cannot reimburse any claim when the CMV 2 form or Motor Insurance Certificate has not been received

The insurance certificate must reflect that the GPST is covered to use the vehicle for business purposes and from a date prior to the first date claimed

Any claims submitted to NES for dates that are not covered by the Insurance Certificate held will not be processed

Business Mileage Claims

  • The GPST should submit claims on a monthly basis
  • The claim should be completed electronically prior to printing off for authorisation
  • Home to base mileage is capped at 20 miles total per day, 10 miles each way
  • NES can only reimburse Home to Base Mileage on the days that the GPST has used their vehicle for business purposes
  • Any claims that are submitted without Claimant's signature or Authorisers signature will be returned.  This could lead to a delay in payment of the claim.

To contact the NES payroll team please follow the link to our Finance Service Desk: https://nesdigital.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portals.

Please note that the first time you submit a query through this helpdesk you will need to self-register with JIRA using your NHS email address (personal email accounts should NOT be used).