Trainee welcome email (full text)

Congratulations on your recent appointment to training within the Scotland Deanery.  This email outlines important information in relation to your appointment. 


As part of the appointment process to Scotland you have been given access to Turas, NHS Education for Scotland’s (NES) single unified platform for Health and Social Care Professionals.  From here you can access all your NES applications with a single sign on.  This will include People, Training Management, Training Portfolio, SOAR and Learn. 

If you are new to the Turas platform please click this link to confirm your account, if you already have access please click here Turas Login Page (if you have forgotten your password please follow this link). 


Turas People 

Lead Employer Model 

You may already be aware that on 1 August 2018, NHS Scotland moved from 22 Health Board employers to just 4 “Lead Employers” for doctors in training: 

  • NHS Grampian  
  • NHS Lothian  
  • NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, and 
  • NHS Education for Scotland (NES) 

The other Boards continue to host trainees on placement as part of the training programme and are known as ‘Placement Boards’. Whilst the Employing Boards will have employment responsibilities, the Placement Boards will continue to have clinical governance responsibility for those engaged in providing clinical care to Placement Board patients. The lead employer model has been developed in partnership with the British Medical Association.  

To support the lead employer arrangements the Turas platform has been extended to include Turas People, an application that assists medical staffing/ HR colleagues in employment related workflows, facilitating the provision of information between trainees, Placement Boards and Employing Boards, reducing duplication across systems and assisting in ensuring that trainees get paid accurately.  

A set of FAQs with detail on the lead employer arrangements can be accessed here.  

What will happen next? 

You will soon receive an offer letter issued on behalf of your Employing Board for your programme of training with instructions detailing what you are required to do to be added to payroll and to complete the required onboarding and pre employment checks. 

What should I do now? 

You must ensure that your personal information is up to date on Turas; your PVG form will be sent to the postal address we hold for you on Turas, therefore you have 2 weeks from the date of this e-mail to update your postal address before the form is mailed to you.  Without an up to date PVG check you will be unable to commence your training and employment.  If you have previously completed a PVG check with NHS Education for Scotland, you will not be required to complete this again. 

You can update your details by logging into Turas People and clicking on the ‘Update My Address Details’ button on the top right of the home screen. 

Further information 

Further information on the Lead Employer model and how this is being implemented across the Employing Boards and placements is available here. You can also access the Data Sharing Agreement for further detail on how your data will be processed.  

Turas Training Management and Training Portfolio 

If you have been appointed to a Foundation Programme You will be able to access Turas Portfolio from the start date of your programme. Please log into Turas Portfolio and complete your Conditions of Taking up a Training Post and both the Probity and Health Declarations all of which are essential for your training and must be completed to allow you access to Portfolio.  Please be advised that you have a maximum period of 2 weeks from your start date of your programme to complete this without jeopardising your training and, therefore, your employment contract.  In the portfolio, you will find details of your Clinical Supervisor and Educational Supervisor for your first post as well as your Foundation Programme Director who is allocated to you for the duration of your training programme.   

Unable to take up a Foundation post?  If for any reason you are unable to take up posts please ensure you notify us immediately and email as soon as possible to allow us to remove you from the Oriel system.    

If you have been appointed to a Core or Specialty Programme - You will be able to access Turas Training Management. Please log into Turas Training Management and complete your Conditions of Taking up a Training Post.  Please be advised that you have a maximum period of 2 weeks from your start date of your programme to complete this without jeopardising your training and, therefore, your employment contract.  Once your Conditions of Taking up a Training Post has been completed, you will be given access to your training details including your Training Number (NTN/DRN).  You will also find details of your educational supervisor.  

Offers of training and employment will be subject to the applicant being able to demonstrate GMC registration with a licence to practice at the advertised start date of the programme. If you currently don’t hold GMC registration, please contact your Deanery Administrator as soon as possible. 

Please ensure that you enrol with the relevant Royal College/Faculty. 

Revalidation (FY2, Specialty and Core) 

You will be required to sign an annual declaration in order to revalidate and maintain your licence to practice via SOAR (Scottish Online Appraisal Resource) and your declaration via SOAR will be initiated approximately 8 weeks prior to your ARCP.   If you are new to SOAR you all also receive an introductory which will give you details of how to register with SOAR.  Your designated body for revalidation purposes is NES (NHS Education for Scotland).  Please link up via GMC Online.    

Further information on Revalidation 

Scotland Deanery Website ( 

You will find most of the information/guidance that you need in relation to your training on the Scotland Deanery website. 

Welcome to the Scotland Deanery 

How to apply for Study Leave 


Professional Support 

Thriving in Medicine 

Report a Concern (in relation to your training / patient safety) 

You can also follow the Scotland Deanery on twitter: @scotmedtraining 

Details of your Programme and contact details for your Training/Foundation Programme Director can be found on the Scotland Medical Training website ( together with details of your Deanery Administrator contact. 

For Foundation - The Curriculum and the FP Reference Guide  

The Foundation Programme is shaped by two key documents the Curriculum and the FP Reference Guide.  Further details can be found on the Foundation Programme website ( and the Scottish Foundation School pages also provide you with a wealth of information and can be accessed via the following link  

For Core, Specialty (including GP) - Gold Guide ( 

You will also find a lot of detailed information in the ‘Gold Guide’ which is the UK’s operational framework for postgraduate medical training.   

Reasonable Adjustments  

If you have any requirements for reasonable adjustments to your training, please contact your Educational Supervisor or Training Programme Director.   More information can be found here: Reasonable Adjustments 


If you have (or have previously had) any concerns or issues in relation to your training, please contact your Educational Supervisor or Training Programme Director.  

Finally, please enjoy your training in Scotland.