What are the lead employer arrangements? - Doctors

The National Programmes were initially allocated across the Lead Employers as detailed below, however following feedback on these arrangements, the trainees on these programmes were transferred to NES employment on the 5th February 2020. Further information is available here

In August 2018 we moved from 22 Health Board employers to just 4 lead employers for doctors and dentists in training:

  • NHS Grampian for the North region
  • NHS Lothian for the East region
  • NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde for the West region, and
  • NHS Education for Scotland (NES).

NES became the sole employer for all GP trainees, with the 3 other lead employers covering the other specialties and foundation trainees on a regional basis.

The programmes are allocated across the lead employers as follows:

North Regional programmes – Grampian

Acute Care Common Stem - Acute Medicine (East/North programmes)

Acute Care Common Stem - Anaesthetics (East/ North programmes)

Acute Care Common Stem - Emergency medicine (East/ North programmes)

Acute Internal Medicine (East/North Programmes)

Anaesthetics – (East/North programmes)

Cardiology (East/North programmes)

Clinical radiology (East/North programmes)

Core Anaesthetics (East programme)

Core Anaesthetics Training (North programme)

Core Medical Training (East/North programmes)

Core Psychiatry (East/North programmes)

Dermatology (East/North programmes)

Emergency medicine (run through) – East/North programmes

Emergency medicine (East/North programmes)

Endocrinology and diabetes mellitus (East/North programmes)

Gastroenterology (East/North programmes)

General (internal) medicine (East/North programmes)

General psychiatry – East programme

General surgery (East/North programme)

Geriatric medicine (East/North programmes)

General Obstetrics and gynaecology – East programme

Haematology (East/North programmes)

Histopathology (East/North programmes)

Intensive care medicine (East/North programmes)

Intensive Care Medicine - Single (East/North programmes)

Internal Medicine Training (East/North programmes)

Obstetrics and gynaecology – North programme

Ophthalmology – East programme

Ophthalmology – North psychiatry programme

Paediatrics (East/North programme)

Renal medicine (East/North programmes)

Respiratory medicine (East/North programmes)

Rheumatology (East/North programmes)

Trauma and orthopaedic surgery (East/North programmes

Urology (Run Through) - East of Scotland programme


East regional programmes- Lothian

Acute Care Common Stem - Acute Medicine South East of Scotland

Acute Internal Medicine - South East

Acute Care Common Stem - Anaesthetics South East of Scotland

Acute Care Common Stem - Emergency Medicine South East of Scotland

Anaesthetics - South East

Cardiology - South East

Clinical radiology - South East

Core Anaesthetics Training South-East of Scotland

Core Medical Training South-East of Scotland

Core Psychiatry Training South-East of Scotland

Dermatology - South East

Emergency medicine - South East

Emergency medicine (run through) - South East

Endocrinology and diabetes mellitus - South East

Intensive care medicine - South East

Intensive Care Medicine Single - South East

Gastroenterology - South East

Geriatric medicine - South East

General psychiatry - South East

General surgery - South East

Haematology - South East

Histopathology - South East

Internal Medicine Training - South East

Obstetrics and gynaecology - South East

Ophthalmology - South East

Paediatrics - South East

Renal medicine - South East

Respiratory medicine - South East

Rheumatology - South East

Trauma and orthopaedic surgery - South East

Vascular Surgery (Run Through)


West regional programmes - GGC

Acute Care Common Stem - Acute Medicine West of Scotland

Acute Care Common Stem - Anaesthetics - West

Acute Care Common Stem - Emergency Medicine - West

Acute Internal Medicine - West

Anaesthetics - West

Cardiology – West

Clinical radiology – West

Core Anaesthetics Training West of Scotland

All Core Medical Training West of Scotland programmes

Core Psychiatry Training West 1

Core Psychiatry Training West 2

Core Surgical Training - West

Dermatology - West

Emergency Medicine - West

Emergency medicine (run through) - West

Endocrinology and diabetes mellitus - West

Gastroenterology - West

General (internal) medicine - West

Geriatric medicine - West

General psychiatry - West

General surgery – West

Haematology- West

Histopathology - West

Intensive care medicine – West

All Internal Medicine Training – West programmes

Medical Microbiology - West of Scotland

Obstetrics and gynaecology - West South

Ophthalmology - West

Otolaryngology – West Trauma and orthopaedic surgery - West

Paediatrics - West

Renal medicine - West

Respiratory medicine - West

Rheumatology - West

Urology - West of Scotland


All National & Cross-regional programmes - NES

Broad Based Training

Cardio-thoracic Surgery (all)

Chemical Pathology (All Scotland)

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry - National

Clinical Genetics

Clinical Neurophysiology (All Scotland)

Clinical Oncology

Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Community and Sexual and Reproductive Health

Core Surgical Training

Diagnostic Neuropathology

Forensic Histopathology

Forensic Psychiatry

Genito-urinary Medicine

Infectious Diseases (All Scotland)

Intellectual Disability Psychiatry - National

Medical Oncology

Medical Ophthalmology – National

Medical Psychotherapy

Medical Virology

Neurosurgery - National


Occupational Medicine

Old Age Psychiatry - National

Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgery

Paediatric Cardiology

Paediatric and Perinatal Pathology

Paediatric Surgery

Palliative Medicine - West

Plastic Surgery

Public Health

Rehabilitation Medicine

Vascular Surgery

The other Boards continue to host trainees on placement as part of the training programme and are known as ‘placement Boards’. Whilst the employing Boards have employment responsibilities, the placement Boards continue to have clinical governance responsibility for those engaged in providing clinical care to placement Board patients.