How were the lead employer arrangements be implemented?

An Employment Responsibilities Agreement was agreed by all 22 Health Boards. This Agreement sets out the roles and responsibilities of employing Boards, placement Boards and NES in the employment of Doctors and Dentists in Training.

An application was developed, Turas People, to assist in the information flows between the Scotland Deanery (NES), the trainee, placement Boards and employing Boards. The key function of Turas People is to reduce duplication of information for all parties.

Apart from streamlined processes in relation to pre-employment etc most doctors should not notice any change. For those with disabilities, or support needs, it should be easier rotating to a new Placement as their record should stay with them rather than have to be actively transferred. As now, NES will continue to sponsor Skilled Worker Visas. Doctors and Dentists in Training will be recruited in the same way, with unified paperwork and aligned policies across Boards.

Policies are being reviewed across the Boards to develop consistency in application and processes. In the first instance, the lead employer policies will form part of the contract of employment.