Do the new lead employer arrangements affect my maternity pay?

The type of maternity pay that each employee is eligible for is based on their length of NHS service. If you start working for your new employing board during or near the start of your pregnancy, you may find that you do not qualify for all of your maternity payment from your new employing board.

In changing to the new lead employer arrangements, it may be that some trainees will not receive Statutory Maternity Payments from an NHS board but will instead receive Maternity Allowance which will be paid from Jobcentre Plus. Regardless of which method of payment you are entitled to you, please be assured that you will be in no financial detriment under the new lead employer arrangements. Over time this will be resolved as trainees will have one employer for the duration of their training programme.

Each trainee’s entitlements will vary depending on their length of service and previous employer history. Further information relating to maternity pay entitlement can be found on the Government website.

You can access your employing boards Maternity Policy via the links contained here. Should you have any queries, your employing boards contact details can be found here.