Where can I access further resources?

The UK Government has a webpage with the latest information on the EU. Immigration is fully reserved to the UK Government and the webpage includes the UK Government’s policy paper “Safeguarding the Position of EU Citizens in the UK and UK Nationals in the EU”. The paper sets out the UK Government’s offer to EU citizens in the UK and provides details on how to apply for a residence document.

You can choose to sign up for information through the Home Office.

The Scottish Government has published a response to the UK Government’s policy paper, entitled: “Protecting the Rights of EU Citizens: Scottish Government Response to UK Government Citizens’ Rights Paper”. The Scottish Government also has information for anyone with concerns or questions on citizenship and residency.  

Paul Gray, Chief Executive for NHS Scotland has written to NHS Boards to outline the Scottish Government’s priority is to ensure that individuals’ rights and place in Scotland are protected, as well as offering information and assistance.

Staff can also view the Department for Exiting the European Union website for the latest information and position papers.

TalentScotland is part of Scotland’s economic development agency Scottish Enterprise, and provides general information through their website about living and working in Scotland. Information on British citizenship requirements and residency for EU and EEA nationals has been added, and this includes signposting to relevant Home Office guidance and application forms. Please note, TalentScotland cannot provide legal or immigration advice to individuals on their personal circumstances. However, as this is a complex legal area, links are provided to immigration specialists who are qualified to provide professional advice. 

The Nursing and Midwifery Council have released a letter outlining their updated plans for communicating what the EU exit means for nursing and midwifery – this can be found here.