What happens during the pre-employment check (onboarding) process?

After you submit an expression of interest through the Health and Social Care COVID-19 accelerated recruitment portal, your details will be passed to a central assignment team (Scotland@nhs.net) to place you in suitable post in Scotland, and to the COVID Recruitment Team (COVID19Recruitment@nes.scot.nhs.uk) to onboard you to the NHS Board that will employ you.

As part of the onboarding process you will be given access to Turas, NHS Education for Scotland’s single unified platform for Health and Social Care Professionals.  From here you will submit pre-employment information to allow the COVID Recruitment Team carry out all pre-employment checks and engage you on the payroll system of the NHS Board where you will be employed.

The COVID recruitment team will begin processing the required pre-employment checks to prepare you for starting work in a post in Scotland as quickly as possible. The type of checks you require will depend on which profession you work in and the type of post you have indicated an interest in. Information regarding each of the pre-employment checks can be found below.