Occupational Health (OH)

An Occupational Health (OH) assessment refers to a process undertaken by an employer to assess whether an individual is capable and fit to undertake a particular role. Its primary purpose is to help prevent work-related illnesses, injuries and the spread of disease or infection.   

The extent of any OH assessment will be dependent on the requirements and risks associated with any given role which impact on the health and wellbeing of either the individual carrying out that role and/or any patients they may have contact with. OH assessments have an important role in helping employers identify and consider early on, any health condition or disability that may require:  

  • adjustments being made to the workplace to enable the individual to safely carry out the duties they have been engaged to carry out  
  • restrictions being placed on their duties, for example, exposure prone procedures (EPPs) for workers who have a blood borne virus which may impact on patients in their care. 

As part of the pre-employment check process, applicants must be reviewed by OH to ensure they are fit to do the post that they have been offered. 

If you have applied for a role and are currently a student, your current occupational health clearance as part of your studies may remain, in this scenario you would be required to complete a self-declaration form on Turas People. All other applicants will require to complete a questionnaire which will be reviewed by our occupational health service (NSS).

For any applicants who do not have a evidence of their immunisation record to upload to their form, please attach this document in its place.