What is the impact on my pension when I return to work?

If you have already taken your pension, the Coronavirus Act 2020 put in place by the UK Government has removed any restrictions on the amount of work you can do without losing any of your pension during the emergency.

If you retired from the 1995 NHS Pension Scheme, you will no longer be limited to having to work 16 hours a week in the first four weeks after retirement.

For staff who want to take partial retirement from the 2008 and 2015 pension schemes, you will not be required to reduce your pay in order to claim pension.

If you are a Special Class scheme member with the right to take you pension unreduced at age 55, you will no longer be subject to the current restrictions, called abatement, in the amount of work you are allowed to do before losing your pension between the ages 55 and 60. This new rule will apply to both retired staff returning to the NHS and those who have already returned to work.

Please see the Coronavirus Act 2020 – retired NHS staff returning to work page on the Scottish Public Pensions Agency website (www.pensions.gov.scot) for more information on the changes which have been made to pension rules in response to Covid-19.