What annual leave am I entitled to?

The holiday year runs from 1 April to 31 March.

Your annual leave entitlement is calculated based on your contracted hours and length of continued service with the NHS. Annual leave entitlement for Agenda for Change staff is as below (pro-rata for part time staff)

Length of service                             Annual Leave + Public Holidays

On appointment                              202.5 + 60 hours (27 + 8 days)

After 5 years’ service                      217.5 + 60 hours (29 + 8 days)

After 10 years’ service                   247.5 + 60 hours (33 + 8 days)

Annual leave entitlement for staff on Medical and Dental terms and conditions is 30 days annual leave, plus 10 days public holidays.

All types of leave and overtime must be approved by your line manager.

For further guidance on how to request annual leave, please speak to your employing Health Board or line manager.  

Students employed directly by NES can record annual leave here

Please see here for a letter confirming the Joint Statement on the application of Contractual Provisions for junior doctors and dentists in Scotland during the Covid-19 pandemic which provides more information on annual leave i.e. that you can carry this forward into your new rotation or take payment for the annual leave.